Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Silver in the Wood

Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh

A poignant tale steeped in English folklore about the Green Man of the woods coming to terms with his past and trying to set things right. Dryads, highwaymen, and a naive lord of the manor, combine for an evocatively lush tale.

I loved this novella! I loved Tesh's look at where the Green Man came from and how his history informs his present actions, centuries after the fact. The prose is gorgeous and the tension between Tobias (the Green Man) and Henry (the new lord the manor) is dialed up and made all the more perfect by the accompanying sexual attraction.

It's only 109 pages and easy to read in 1 sitting, which I highly recommend you do.

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This is published by Tor, which is a Macmillan imprint. Macmillan is really forking over libraries on ebook pricing. If you can, please read this in paper-based print from your local library.

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